Why do you need a website as an artist?

“I’m an artist, not a business (wo)man!” — Does this trail of thought sound familiar?

Regardless the industry a website is a must nowadays (even if this is not the first thing that crosses your mind). Below are the few reasons why and what exactly you need to think about if you were to go ahead.

We went through 537 artists’ websites and looked at each and every one in detail — needless to say, we spent a lot of time on this! Here are our findings:

  • 37% of the websites don’t point to anything anymore (broken links)
  • 52% of artists don’t include their basic contact details (a contact form is not enough, people want to pick up the phone or send a real email)
  • 70% of the websites are not mobile optimised
  • 45% of the websites have not been updated in a while

Crazy, right?!

Why you need a website as an Artist?

Into the nitty gritty of things. Below are 4 reasons you should start thinking about creating a website.

Make it easy for people to find you

How will you ever manage to get your name (or work) out there if people don’t even know you exist? Most of us do spend an insane amount online (whether on their phones or on their laptops). Havign a website will make it easier for people to actually find you!

Make your contact details available

You’d be amazed to find out how many people don’t actually make their contact details easy to find! Having them up there will increase the chances of someone picking up the phone and starting a conversation with you. How else will you get your work out there?

Get your work out there

Speaking of which, getting your most recent work out there is a must! You know yourself, when looking back at the work you were producing 2 years ago, how much you have progressed! Getting you work out there is the first step to getting found!

Sell your work online

A staggering 27% of globnal business was done online this year. — what!? Right, this is over all industries, on all continents (Antartica included) 🙂
Having an online store (or being able to facilitate the sale to happen through your website) is really a good tool to manage to get place your work into your customers’ hands.

Features your website absolutely needs

If you are reading this, there is a high probability that you already have a website. Below are the 5 elements your website absolutely needs — does your have all of these?

Calls to Actions

Telling people what to do through Call to Actions helps guide them to your final goal. A call to action can be very simple (a simple sentence) or very elaborate ones (social shares to access content, carefully crafted and automated mailing sequences).

Your contact details

How many times do you visit a website simply to find the person’s contact details and give them a call? — We do that all the time, a phone call just gets things done so much faster! Same applies to your customers so make sure to make your contact details visible — in the header/footer on on the contact page.

Tip: A contact form is not enough!

Your latest work available for sale

An e-commerce store will reduce the hurdles of getting paid. Making it easy for customers to part with their money is key for a successful business. Same applies to the art industry.

Social media links

In average, people spend 2h per day on social media (https://www.socialmediatoday.com/marketing/how-much-time-do-people-spend-social-media-infographic). Being up there helps getting found!

Whilst social media sounds like a lot of work but it really isn’t. With 10 minutes a week, you can have all you social media sorted. — check buffer.com

Mailing list hooks

Conversations is at the basis of everything. Human interactions are the key to get things done and moving. Having a mailinglist setup will allow you to periodically touch base with people who have expressed interest in your work // check mailchimp.com


Thinking of getting your work online?

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