What on earth should you write about on your small business blog

Ok, let’s be honest with each other. As a small business owner, the only reason you’d entertain the idea of keeping a blog up to date is SEO and ranking. But comes a time where inspiration is low and motivation is gone. Fast forward a little bit, your blog hasn’t been updated in months and your website is looking fairly abandoned.

So you decide it’s time to revive it. You go on your WordPress backend, click ‘add new post’, and… stuck! What on earth will you write about?

What to write about on your company blog?

Find out what your readers are looking for

Makes sense, right? If you know what people in your niche want to read, well, writing about it will be useful! That will most likely boost your organic traffic and increase your sales (hopefully).

Quick parenthesis here to give you on some insight on how search engines qualify whether or not your article is considered good or not. One factor is the keywords and meta-descriptions that you include in the blog post. Is it beneficial to the reader? Is it relevant?
The other is engagement. Do people read through the entire article? Do the bounce off it right away? Scroll through to the end of the page?

So take a second, open a word doc (or grab a pen and paper) and jot down whatever keywords you can think of that would be relevant to your target audience. Once you have these, the rest is a piece of cake.

Narrow down the subject

You have a broad idea of what your reader is after? Great, time to narrow it down!

1. keywordtool.io

Simply type in your keyword, select your region and click on the magnifying glass. Let it run and, you should get a whole list of suggestions ready for you in just a few seconds.

For example, I typed in the keywords “digital presence” and I got a whole list of quality titles such as:

digital presence strategy
creating a digital presence
digital presence checklist
importance of digital presence for businesses
building a single digital presence for public libraries
digital web presence

Keyword tool for blog writing

2. Answer the Public

If you’re looking for something a bit more specific, Answer the Public is the tool for you.

Not only inputting a keyword or two serves you hundreds of quality suggestions, it also displays them in a funky diagram AND allows you to export them in a CSV.

The old guy is pretty cool too!

Keyword finder answer the public

3. Headline Swipe File

A headline swipe file is a generic formula that puts all the right elements together for a successful title without requiring your brain to intervene at all. They are quite handy when you’re having ‘one of these days’.

Check the below:

“How [impressive number] Got [desired result] in [time period]”

Boom! Click on the title above to get to the article in question.

4. 101 Headline Formulas

Very similar to the previous point, this is another series of formulas you can use to create beautiful (and effective) subject lines.

5. Blog Idea Generator

Right, this one is for the ultimate uninspired. Just click here and let Hubspot do the work for you.

Your turn! Go write something!

That’s all I had for you today. But this should be enough to get you started! So plug in your headphones, lock yourself in and get typing for the next 30 minutes.

Chances are that your article won’t be perfect but don’t let that stop you! The key thing is to get you writing content that will be found and will be useful to your audience!


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