Top Domain Registrars

First things first, what is a ‘domain’ and what is ‘hosting’? Let’s get the lingo out of the way.

Building a website involves two separate bits: the domain name and the host.

The domain is the address people use to get to your site (ex: You can register a domain with any number of providers and you will find out top picks below. The domain usually consists of a yearly fee per web address.

Website hosting is the service that stores your website’s files, a bit like a hard drive, online. So your domain will point to your host, thus making your website public.

Domain: The ‘’ address of your website. Your domain points to your hosting (where your files are stored).
Hosting Domain: A place where you can store all your website’s files. You need the domain to point to the hosting for your pages to be visible.

Hopefully this makes sense.

Our top 3:

  1. — Digital Dublin’s favourite
  2. NameCheap

Now is a good a time as any to let you know that some of the links in this blog post are affiliate links. What that means is that when you purchase anything through that link, we make a little something and, more often than not, you get a little discount too! It’s a nice way to help each other.

What makes them so good? makes the checkout process super simple for you. Within minutes, your domain will be registered and online. The prices are affordable and include everything you need, right out of the box. Did we mention, the SSL certificate is included in all packages?

One thing we particularly love about is their customer service. 24/7, their web chat agents will respond to you and solve your issue in no time!



Did you know, Digital Dublin is hosted on NameCheap? As the name indicates, they are cheap! They include a whole bunch of things with their hosting but not the SSL certificate, which is a bit of a bummer. (Note: you can add it as an extra!)

Again, their customer service is very much on the ball and will respond to you very promptly! — you can’t beat human interactions!

Hosting Ireland

Hosting Ireland is definitely our favourites when it comes to booking your ‘.ie’ domain. They include all the basics in their cheapest package and have a stellar customer service department! You can even pick up the phone and speak to them!

What to look out for when booking a domain name?

Domain Privacy

Make sure to opt in to domain privacy when given the option. Most domain registrars include it for free anyhow. Basically, what that does it keep your personal information (your name, phone number, email address, and address) out of the public domain. You’d be surprised to see how easy it is to find who owns a domain! (tip: Google ‘Whois’)

Check for price jumps

What?! A domain for €1! Great offer!

Just make sure to double check that this price is not just for the first year as, often, domain registrars give you an amazing deal for the first year and then hit you with the full price on the second one.

Turn on automatic renewal

When making the payment for your domain, you often have the option to turn the automatic renewal option on. It is a good idea to do so (despite your first instinct screaming NO!)

Say, for whatever reason, you forgot to renew your domain. Your website will go down and, worst, you may lose the domain name to someone else! Even the big dogs out there have done this mistake — CF Google 2016!

Not all domain names are available

For most domain names, you should be able to use any of the above registrars. Some registrars though do not offer specific top-level domains (TLD is the bit that comes after the dot). For example, does not provide the ‘.ie’ TLD but Hosting Ireland does.

Shop around

By shopping around, you might find the same domain at different prices! That’s because each registrar applies their own fees on each domain, and they vary from company to company.

In short

Check out the registrars above, they are really worth it! Shop around, check out what each of them offers and make sure to turn auto-renewal on!


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