Easy ways to improve your SEO Ranking

The constant battle of SEO and improving ranking. And the worst part is, there is no winning! There is always more that can be done, things to tweak, bits to improve.

We’ve populated a list of simple actions you can take to immediately improve your SEO. After-all, rank high, get a better chance of getting a client on your page. And, did you know, 93% of internet experiences start with a search engine?

1. Reduce the loading time of your page

Nobody likes waiting too long to access a website. Neither the visitors nor Google. The latter actually penalises you if your page takes too long to load! So, if your page is taking longer than 2 or 3 seconds to load, it’s time for you to take action!

The easiest way is for you to reduce your image size and reduce the background loading clutter!

2. Be interesting

In other words, produce interesting (and valuable) content in a regular manner. So post quality content, regularly and chances are people will actually start spending more time on your website!

If you encourage conversations on top of this, well… you’re golden!

Search engines love seeing sites where visitors spend time, go from page to page, interact on… When they find one, they will push it up the ranks and start promoting it more.

3. Optimise your images

We kind of touched on this on the first point, but I’m still amazed how many pages out there have images that are far from being optimised! A heavy image takes time to load, hurts your user’s data and your website’s ranking.

Granted, photos are great to break text, attract attention, keep visitors engaged, but do yourself a favour — reduce it’s size and use an image compressor before uploading any pictures on your servers.

4. Use header tags

Headings are SO important these days. It helps the Google Bots understand what the page is all about and which areas are more important than others.

From a user point of view, most of us don’t read articles in full anymore. We simply skim the titles and get a jist of the content (TLDR; type of thing). Header tags will help you break down the content for your reader.

5. Links, links and more links.

Outbound links just validate what you’re saying. They provide value and social validation that your content is legit and based on facts.

Links really help your online street-cred, particularly if you use trusted websites.

6. Use videos

Take a second and reflect on how you use your smartphone or how you digest information — Videos are definitely a very appreciated way of doing so (mainly because it is so passive!). It also helps elongate the amount of time your readers/viewers spend on your site (which Google loooves).

Quick tip on this, make sure you embed subtitles to your videos for those who can’t turn the sound up but still want to go through your content!

7. People are blind!

That is a good assumption to have when it comes to articles and blog posts. (Either that or the screen they are using is tiny and difficult to see). So do yourself (and your visitors) a favour: increase the size of the text on your website — make it readable!

8. Fix your broken links

Broken links are frustrating but unfortunately happen often. Every now and again, click here and fix the links that are no longer working. The internet is quite dynamic after all.

9. Be mobile friendly

Over 60% of Google searches come from mobile devices. I will leave it to this and let you draw your own conclusions. People surf more on their mobile devices than on their laptops these days.

10. Make your contact details easy to find

Providing people with your contact details makes your website trustworthy. It means there is somebody on the other side of the screen. Somebody they can reach out and talk to.

Make these easily available so that people don’t have to spend ages to reach out to you. This will also ensure people don’t report your website (which has devastating effects on your SEO).

11. Promote social sharing

Encourage your visitors to share your content on the social media. (Check the links at the bottom of the page). If your article is shared, it increases the chances of being seen and therefore increases the chances of traffic rising.


Search engine optimisation isn’t going anywhere and you really need to work a little bit on it if you want your website to have a chance of being found.

You don’t need to spend hours on it (though we can definitely give you a list of actions that can keep you busy for weeks if you want!), just a few efforts now and again should have a dramatic effect on your ranking.

Keep this in mind though — SEO takes time, is never over and results are only seen in the long run. So, patience, diligence and resilience will be your best assets on this.

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