Coolest Guy in Dublin

Hey, Theo here, the coolest guy in Dublin.

Am I really the coolest guy in Dublin? Most likely not! So why does Google seem to think so?

Let me explain.

This is a small experiment I carried out to rank #1 on the Search Engines on specific keywords (in this case, ‘The Coolest Guy In Dublin’). I wanted to show how easy it really is to wiggle your way to the top and, at the end of the day, there is no risks! If it works, well, it looks great. If not, nobody will ever know!

So how did I achieve this?

I used something called SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. My guess is that you have already heard about it but it kind of still remains a bit of a mystery on how it really works. If that’s of interest to you, keep reading; I’ll do my best to break it down for you.

Google (the search engine) has little robots running around the internet 24/7, scanning for anything that would have changed or been added to the web. So, when you upload a new blog post, the Google Bots (that’s how we named the robots) will pick it up and add it to the repository that Google keeps. So far so good?

These Google Bots try to understand what each page is about and there is a few things you can do to help them along. (I am oversimplifying here, but bare with me) – One of the things you can do is set keywords throughout the page, that would stand out and let the little robots know what you’re talking about. But that is not enough.

Google really wants to make sure that the content it is showing to his users is relevant. That is done by checking how popular the content is — how many people actually access and read the page in question! To do so, it helps creating links that point to the content you want found (so people find it and go onto it). Simple right?

So why bother getting on the top page of Google?

Getting to #1 spot on Google for specific keywords can lead to tons of new leads pouring in your inbox daily. When people are looking for your product/service on the internet and are able to find you, you just get a ton of new business (or at least enquiries)! Is that happening with you at the moment?

If not, well, the person who is did not end up there by magic! (They probably hired a guy like me, the Coolest Guy in Dublin, to make sure their website gets there.)

How can we help you get there? That’s a fair question.

First we build you a website that is designed to be Google-Bot-Friendly. It will have the right structure and keywords that will make it clear to the Search Engine what you’re all about.

Then we go out there and create a bunch of relevant links that point back to this page. Let it all stew for a while and… Tadaaam!

Well, in reality, it’s much harder than this, but you get the picture.

Digital Dublin is a small digital agency, based in Dublin. We help small businesses create a strong brand online and provide them with the tools to get their message out there, to the wide web. We do this through carefuly crafted design, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media management and much more.

To learn more about Digital Dublin (and the coolest guy in Dublin, check out our portfolio, blog, or just give me a call.